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Founded by Eric, BlueLeaf Home Services LLC
is a property inspection company that specializes in residential and commercial inspection, radon, water, and mold air testing.

Eric is a certified home inspector through InterNACHI and is certified in septic inspections and radon water testing, with nearly a decade of hands-on experience in home remodeling, plumbing, electrical work, building codes, and heating systems.

Before starting a home inspection company, Eric pursued an associate’s degree in Civil Engineering Technology and worked on large construction projects. He also worked with Perkins Home Services for three years.

Home Inspection Services

Boasting nearly a decade's experience in home-related construction and inspection projects, BlueLeaf guarantees satisfaction in every aspect of property evaluation. The services we offer include:

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Home Inspections

With InterNACHI certification and a background in construction management, our comprehensive home inspection report provides all the necessary information to make a knowledge-based decision, cushioning you against all visual potential risks.

Our home inspection focuses on every aspect of the house, including the basement, structural components, attic and insulation, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing & heating systems, foundation and crawl space, roofing, interiors, and exteriors.  

As a prospective homeowner in Maine, make your purchasing experience seamless and eliminate every doubt of family safety or financial security by trusting BlueLeaf Home Services LLC.

Septic/Sewer Inspections

According to Maine State laws, septic/sewer system inspection is mandatory for properties near the Maine shorelines before completing any real estate transaction. As a certified septic inspector, BlueLeaf specializes in diagnosing septic system issues to ensure you don’t buy a property that violates state laws blindly. The evaluation checks the septic tank’s condition and examines the septic lines using HD cameras. Our hydraulic load test will reveal any issues in the septic field to give you the peace of mind you need as a first-time homeowner in the Coastal Maine area.

Commercial Inspections

From strip malls to small gas station buildings, our inspection services cover all commercial properties and provide useful insight to help you close or forsake a deal. At the end of the evaluation, the property’s condition will be crystal clear, making your commercial investment more predictable.

Radon Air and Water testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas associated with an increased risk of lung cancer and other respiratory problems. Since it is a natural gas emitted from the ground, radon testing is the only way to ascertain your prospective home is safe. Besides monitoring radon levels in a property, we also test the water wells for contamination to ensure your family is safe.

Mold Air Testing
Mold Air Testing

Our thorough property inspection includes mold testing that identifies the type and source of mold infestation in the home before embarking on removal. The humid conditions in Maine promote mold growth; that’s why you need mold air testing before moving into your new house.

When buying your first home, nothing surpasses the value of professional guidance from a home inspector.

Besides guaranteeing a return for your money, home inspection helps identify subtle issues an untrained eye might not see and ensures safety for your family.

BlueLeaf Home Services is dedicated to helping prospective homeowners in the Maine area make the best choices, regardless of their experience with a property inspection and purchase. We combine experience with the latest technology to ensure you receive value for your home investment.


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